Payment Methods

Paypal is gone. Please pay using Bitcoin or credit card. Site is secure for credit cards and don't store the information. If you still not sure about using your credit card you can use the app called Privacy to generate "Burner Credit Cards" that link you your accounts.



5th Sep 2020

Due to recent events inside of the USA. We have made the heavy choice to remove all VOD content from our IPTV service.

20th Aug 2020

Please download the NEW Xciptv app from the downloads section

15th Jul 2020
Happy 4th of July

4th Jul 2020
New Features Added

Catchup has now been added to the Envision Streams Service!!!

1st Jul 2020
Expanded Streaming Options

Envision Streams is expanding. Envision has added a new service called Envision Limited. New services is USA,UK and Canadian Focused. The Envision Limited also includes Ondemand. Check out the Envision Limited Section for your free 48hr trial today. 

23rd Jun 2020
!!!! New Lower Price Same Great Service!!!

!!!! New Lower Price Same Great Service!!!

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18th Jun 2020
WEB Player

The webplayer is back online. Log into you account then go into client area. You will see the webplayer button. 

4th May 2020
Server Upgrades

Updated server to increase security and stability. Please update the M3U address or check the downloads section for updated apps. Any problems logging in please contact support

29th Apr 2020